Josh Farler Foundation

Previous Champions

Previous Champions are worth a bounty in the Josh Farler annual poker tournament, also known as the End of Reign side competition.

Here is your list of "targets".

 Year  Name
 2005  Mike Nipper
 2006  Mike Strahan
 2007  Mandy Simmons
 2008  Waymon Nipper Jr.
 2009  Kenny Cleveland
 2010  Robert Brewster
 2011  Scott Boardman
 2012  Mark Waddle
 2013  Richard Tucker
 2014  James Brimage
 2015  Bob Farler
 2016  Waymon Nipper Jr.
 2017  DT Holder
 2018  Donna Carter
 2019  DT Holder
 2020  Could be YOU!

2020 Final Table