Josh Farler Foundation

2016 - Bounties

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This is a side competition . ($20 entry)  

Players may enter the Bounty side competition at any time AND while not in a hand.

Players will be provided a  Bounty Chip which must remain visible to other players during play (left on the table).

Players with at least one bounty chip who lose all of their chips to another bounty chip holder must surrender ONE bounty chip to the winning player. Rebuys do not nullify this requirement.

Players in this side competition may resell their bounty chips to the tournament time keeper for 1/2 of their purchase price with the remainder going to the charity.  Players may also elect to keep the bounty chip(s) as a souvenir. 

Players name tags will NOT designate entry into this side competition.

 Artwork proof for this years bounty chip

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