Josh Farler Foundation

2015 Recipients



 The following people recieved assistance through the Josh Farler Transportation fund.

Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center

First Name Diagnosis   First Name Diagnosis
Alex Cancer   Joyce Breast Cancer
April Cell Carcinoma   Julie Throat Cancer
Belinda Invasive Ductal Carcinoma   Karen Cancer in the Spine
Brett Hodgkin's Lymphoma   Larry Colon Cancer
Cathy Colorectal Cancer   Larry Leukemia
Cristobal Rectal Cancer   Linda Breast Cancer
Daniel Leukemia   Loretta Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
David Cancer   Luis Non-Hodgkins Lymphona
Edith Brain Cancer   Maria Liver Cancer
Elaine Sarcoma   Maria Breast Cancer
Elia Cancer   Maria Cancer
Federico Skin Cancer   Mario Liver Cancer
Fernando Plasmacytoma   Mary Ovarian Cancer
Flor Glioblastama   Petra Cancer
Francisca Cancer   Prince Lung -CA
Gerald Prostate Cancer   Relles Prostate Cancer
Gustavo Colon Cancer   Rosendo Liver Cancer
Harvey Colon and Lung Cancer   Russ Prostate Cancer
Henry Plastic Anemia   Sharon Melanoma
James Lung-CA   Sonya Breast Cancer
Jose Skin Cancer   Tamra Lung Cancer
Joyce Breast Cancer   Tina Cancer
Julie Throat Cancer      





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